Sivaguru,i have read about siddhars like thirumoolar who can move out of their bodies to take up an other body-‘koodu vittu koodu paithal’.is that siddhi possible for you

Of course i am doing it right now .As people come to me and practice vaasi ,i take up their bodies and function inside them .i have taken up many of them
but nobody will be able to find the true body which is myself who function inside many such bodies.And of course i do not leave my body in this siddhi.


I can definitely say that people are not breathing the true pranan as they should be?

why sivaguru?

Asok kumar:
Because as one starts to take cooked and salted foods by one year of age impurities start accumulating in body and their breath pattern gets disturbed

Is it a must for one to take salt

Personally,i dont like salt.there is enough salt in rice and other foods

i have read salt is necessary for proper bodily functions and even to attain puberty or have emotions

Do you think i dont have emotions?

Yes you do,then i think people should bring up their children with plenty of fruits,nuts and milk so that they have the right breath pattern which changes in accordance with time of the day.

You can bring up your child like that .


“Anaithu uyirgalum eppodhum inbuttrirukka vedum ,naan veru ondrum ariyaen paraparame”

A person :
Sivaguru, is it possible for you to cure people in lunatic asylums (mananala kappagam ) who are chained and are violent

Yes,but you should first think why they became like that .it is because of the people who were around them.They made him like that .so, first i have to change these people through vaasi yoga and only at last i will take on such lunatics ,otherwise THESE PEOPLE WILL CHANGE ME AND MAKE ME A LUNATIC IF I TOUCH UPON SUCH PEOPLE FIRST.

Sivaguru,i understand the same has happened to me.i was practicing transcendental meditation in 2005.i wanted to change this world. i wanted to earn more to help people and abolish poverty and begging .i got affected because of stress .i took psychiatric medicines for 5 years from 2007 to 2012 .(my TM guru used to say if 1% of the population in a society practices TM it will bring ‘heaven on earth’,one other technique like vaasi.)

You got affected because you were not eliminating your bodily impurities and did not practice meditation before guru.

But i have seen people who attain siddhi trough this technique and even experience ‘TM FLYING ‘ stages ,even some psychiatrists (practitioners body will lift up in air in their sitting position like babajis )

Asok kumar:
siva, in these techniques practitioners will have a “vasiya kattu” full of black magic .

i cant understand !

Asok kumar:
Better you dont understand .


Sivaguru’s art of vaasi yoga gives protection to five classes mentioned in literature
1.people with spiritual pursuit and thoughts.
2.cows -as their milk and ghee are free from impurites
5.old people. ( words of sivaguru himself )



Sivaguru wants people coming to vaasi yoga to have their mind like an empty vessel- ‘anaithayum vittu vidu ‘


Sivaguru has warned of severe consequences if one goes against him and nature is always at his disposal to to obey his commands.


The bodily and food impurities distance a person from the supreme -Sivaguru.

If you are experiencing true bliss you should be happy and healthy always which is possible only through the art of vaasi yoga -Sivaguru

The distance between nature or supreme and mankind has increased considerably in recent times because of excessive impurities accumulated .hence it has become a must to practice vaasi yoga – Sivaguru


Difference between our “shree vilvam yoga center ” and other yoga centers.

X: In other yoga centers we do not have any food restrictions and can take non veg or any type of foods and also medicines .Dont you feel you are restricted too much here.

Y: you have to keep this in mind, eventhough you practice yoga you are still going to end up in hospitals because of the food borne impurities and also you cannot enjoy perfect health.

one of the yoga gurus in villapuram (owing to the dwindling numbers in his center) probably got jealous and came to “shree vilvam yoga center” and entered inside without permission of anyone.he climbed upstairs to open space and was astonished to see so many people practicing .

He became silent and walked off .Sivaguru feels that they are only money minded and indisciplined which is evident from this incident .


There are five elements in your body namely earth,water,wind,fire and space. only by practicing vaasi you will be able to sense the functioning of the four elements-earth,water,wind and fire inside your body and sense the principle of space after which nature “unnul adangividum”


There are three stages by which sivaguru recognises a person
coming to him .
1st stage: student
2nd stage: bhakthan
3rd stage: irai nilai adaintha iraivan .



” I never told i am the god ,i myself am an bhakthan only .God gave me the rope to climb to him ,i am passing on the same rope to you people and the ABSOLUTE truth is we are all his bhaktas”

I think we should all remember this for our lifetime !



Wrong thoughts and actions destroy us .I never told the villapuram yoga guru who entered inside without permission is going to destroy himself out of jealousy and greed .I just WARNED him of such thoughts which will eventually destroy him. I have compassion towards all.


Sivaguru, “unmaikkum agandhai undu aanavam illai” endru ungal puthagathil padithaen konjam thelivaga koorungalaen .

Oruvar ‘iyarkai’ mattrum ‘uyirgal’ meedhu alavukku adhigamana anbu kondu ,unmaiyai irukkum bodhu ,’iyarkai’ meedhu thanakku ulla nambikkaiyal “agandhai” undagiradhu.

“aanavam” ennal mattum dhan mudiyum endra thavarana ennam


Sivaguru, according to me when teachers in schools give corporal punishment (beat students with a stick ) and inflict pain to correct students ,i think they lose their ‘stature’ of a good teacher or a guru .A guru should be harmless and full of compassion .

True to some extent but to bring up a child in such a way there should not be any people or houses for 1 km radius .then he will come up well naturally.

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